Rebecca Rosenthal - No Show

Revisiting Angel Olson, Perfume Genius, and queen Lana Del Rey. Lana is so easy to listen to. Great study background music.

Raph Santore - Double Dream Hands

Not this week but, SiR dropped an album a few weeks ago called November and I have been bumping it on repeat. It is just beautifully smooth. It's the kind of album where when you're feeling stressed you can put on your over-ear headphones, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and just listen and relax. It's really been helping me get my head right.

Jason Souvaliotis - Local Teen Tries his Best

Frisco - God Forgive Me ft. Tiggs Da Author
Slowthai - T N Biscuits

God Forgive Me is a summer chill track which is fun but it's also kinda weird because the hook is "god forgive me if i bust my nine" which is not chill - either way, Frisco kills it and is still underrated. T N Biscuits just slaps. 

Jonathan Silveira - Slumpday

I bought tickets to see Iceage live, I love Iceage. They're very good. They have a new album coming out in May and I cannot wait. They have so far released three singles: Catch it (a bop!) Painkiller (featuring Sky Ferreira) and Take It All (love it). I also just started listening to the KEXP Superorganism performance, and this is the first time I'm listening to them but I'm absolutely loving this band. Listen to them.

Paul Watson - Pour Hour 

Famous Last Words by The True Loves. It’s the hottest soul music you’ll hear 🔥

Hana Chop - Platonic Love Affair

Started listening to Johann Sebastian Bach after my aunt hired a cellist to perform at a dinner party over spring break. Pretty convincing stuff- check out his organ music.

Emily Whitney

Gist is - Adult Jazz: Listening to this album felt like listening to a secret Dirty Projectors album. Soulful and strange.
Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile: A jazz band with a tuba??? Yaaaaaas. That tuba just gets me movin' in my chair.
Captain Beefheart et al - Safe as Milk: Captain Beefheart is so fucking funny and brilliant. Abba Zaba off this album is the coolest tune.
Amber Coffman - City of No Reply. I looooove Coffman's voice. Very sweet and understated. Something about her is intensely relatable to me. 

Will Scerbo

Peggy Gou - Once EP
Baba Stiltz - Is Everything EP
Jono Ma & Dreems - Can't Stop My Dreaming (Of You)
Buttechno - Super Siziy King EP
LOFT - Three Settlements Four Ways EP
DJ Taye - Still Trippin'
Blawan - North

Bangers only

Leo Nye

Take Me Out, Diplo's new mixtape thing with those rappers

Some really unique and effective sonic decisions and also trap with some dope beats

Sam Gomes - Sunday Mass

Toy by Young Fathers, part of their new album. Also ZZZ by Milkavelli and Lil Peep bc RIP Lil Peep. :,(

Whatever "it" is, these songs have got "it"

Freddie McCall - Double Dream Hands

(Album) The Best of Mandrill - Mandrill
Cool for Cats - Squeeze
Bothersome - Jack Stauber
Lupe - Baka Beyond

~Mandrill bring the funk, but they throw a bunch of other genres into the pot to keep the flavor fresh and poppin' (fav track: Mango Meat)
~I love songs that tell stories. Cool for Cats does this and it's so damn catchy.
~Jack Stauber makes weird animations and apparently, weird songs too. His album, Pop Food, is a pretty fun listen. I like Bothersome because it sounds like he's singing underwater.
~Baka Beyond makes for some nice easy listening.

Vinnie Wu

The World Is Yours, Lil Boat 2. Trap trap.

Isaac Bernstein - Rice and Beans

This week has been all about relaxing after last weeks' exam onslaught. Accordingly, here are some tunes that I found out about and sequentially stored in my musical fridge to chill to.

Fouk- Heavy on the Bacon: Some relatively calm progressive funk/disco grooves. Great song to clear your mind to.
Folamour - Kickflipin' That Stuff: CHILLZONE R&B/Hiphop sounds with minor vocals.
Eric Lau & Kaidi Tatham Remix of Moonchild's Run away: These dudes somehow improved what I thought was perfection. The chill-hop type beats melange with Moonchild's smooth buttery voice so perfectly, it will certainly melt away your worries for its 3:28 duration.
Tennyson, Aloe Blacc- Body Language: Masterful organic-sounding, colorful, and nature-influenced Tennyson production with Aloe Blacc making crazy vocal riffs seem flawless in his luscious alto-tenor register. Oof. This tune takes me off campus to a mental oasis.
Summer Breeze- Ramsey Lewis: Stupid laid back keyboard synth/rhythm section jam. This tune serves as a reminder of the beauty of simplicity. Gosh. These guys for sure were sinning when recording this banger.
Frozen Grass - Etherwood: Some liquidstep to get back into the rhythm of the school week. Don't worry though; the fast tempo does NOT take away from the soothing chord progression and uber-silky vocals. Another brain cleaner IMO.


Eduardo Sandoval - Forgets his Show Name

Oh! Frenchie - Mosie
Tangerine - Mosie
Sunshine - Mosie
Just listen to the Tangerine album by Mosie
Over you - Kasbo

Mosie's album got bops. Instead of a shake, I'd call it an ever-present rumble.
I like the composition of the Kasbo song

By Emily Whitney on April 4, 2018, 7:33 p.m.