WJHU WEDNESDAY: May 2nd 2018

Cheers to the last WJHU Wednesday of the semester. Here's the music we've been into the past couple weeks to soundtrack your finals weeks (you got this). Have the loveliest summer and keep on jammin'!!


Clara Liff

Re-appreciating Jamila Woods, especially the song Bubbles!! Went to the KNOWER concert on Thursday and had a blast
New songs:
Pynk by Janelle Monae and Grimes -- yummy
Roll (Burbank Funk) by The Internet -- can't wait for the new album and looking forward to more vocals from Steve Lacy this time around cause the man can Sing!
Lift Yourself by Kanye -- poopy di scoop, scoop ditty woop, woop di scoop di poop

Jason Souvaliotis

ygg - strikers. banger. 

Molly Radwell

Bright Moments - Flamingosis (album)
Never Been To Spain - Elvis Presley
Father Stretch My Hands - Pastor T.L. Barrett

Isaac Bernstein

Here are some quick facts:
- Beerbongs & bentleys by Post Malone did not disappoint, filled with his unusually powerful voice. Better now is tough.
- Roll (Burbank Funk) was the first drop from The Internet (the band!!) in a hot sec. Compared to past works, this piece leans more towards the psychedelic/hypnotizing side, with entrancing vocals yet with a familiar and constant groove.
- Shiba San dropped his Off To Funk EP. Back To Funk certainly embodies this artists' ability to ensure each component of his tracks are tuned to ear-pleasing perfection. Dark, heavy, driving, and with catchy vocals samples, this is the bass we needed for the week.
- OTW dropped by Khalid, featuring Ty $ and 6lack will get you feeling some type of way. The Khalid + 6lack vocal supercombo was everything I was hoping for, especially with the BUTTER synth-heavy instrumental.
- Sting and Shaggy dropped a collab album 44/876. Think reggae/dancehall vibes with Sting. Dig it. Check it. Ex. Morning is Coming.
- Hands on me with Maluma and Rae Stremmurd is a CERTIFIED club banger. Reggaeton beat made by BURNS will induce posterior movement.
- Zhu dropped an album - Ringos Desert Pt.1. Zhu is really good at creating emotions and moods with his signature electronically produced sound and distinct singing style, at the top of his register. Truly an artist, I'd recc Stormy Love, NM feat JOY.


Emily Whitney

New Dirty Projectors: Happy DP > cringey breakup DP

Forth Wanderers - Forth Wanderers: Reminds me of home/being a kid in Montclair. Lot's of nice fuzzy melty guitar. 

John Wizards - John Wizards: I love how loopy and fun this album is. Tet Lek Schrempf is such a good tune

Will Scerbo

Dirty Projectors - Break Thru: The first good dirty Projectors song since like 2009

Vinnie Wu

Post Malone - beerbongs & bentleys (favorite tracks: Spoil My Night, Better Now)
Alexandra Savior - Belladonna of Sadness
Brockhampton - CANNON
Kanye West - Scoopity Poop
Mason Ramsey - Famous

Freddie McCall

Travel Man by Lauren Ruth Ward
Submarine Life by Teleman
Thank You Light by Florist
Lah-Tee-Lah-Tah by The Falcons

Saw Lauren Ruth Ward last Saturday at The Ottobar and she was captivating to say the least. Maybe it was because they were playing at home, but she and her band really brought the energy that kept me feeling giddy for the whole concert. Please do give the album a listen. Travel Man is the slowest and simplest song on the album, the others are packed with more speed and "umph".

Teleman has knocked out a groovy pop single that's put lead vocalist Thomas Sanders' tender voice though an autotuney (that's the technical term) filter, and it feels like you're being serenaded by a robot. Play the song, go on a jog, and think about your future AI spouse or your ex who couldn't pass a Turing test.

I rediscovered Thank You Light on Florist's album "If Blue Could Be Happiness", which I haven't listened through since it came out last September. It's a simple song but it's beautiful and gripping. Songwriter Emily Sprague paints a warm portrait of Death, which as a mortality-phobe as find very comforting.

Lah-Tee-Lah-Tah is a bop, not much more I can say about it. I heard while I was getting a haircut, the barbershop was playing an album, Witchcraft In The Air - Detroit Soul 1957-62. Lotta bops.

By Emily Whitney on May 2, 2018, 7:30 p.m.