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“One Hundred and One Dum Diaries”

Kool A.D.: Rap Olympics 

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop

From “O.K.” (Released 11/26/15)


“Filial Piety” 

Wiki: Livin’ With My Moms ft. Nasty Nigel

Genre: Hip-Hop

From “Lil Me” (Releases 12/7/15)


“Sad-Boy Drill?”

Black Kray: YNG16

Genre: Drill

Single (Released 11/27/15)


“I Guess This Is A Banger” 

ILOVEMAKONNEN: Flippin All Night

Genre: Trap

From “ILOVEMAKONNEN 2” (Released 11/20/16)


“Not Sure If British” 

Novelist: Endz

Genre: Dance/Trap

From “ “The Sound of Rinse FM” (Compilation Released 11/13/15)


“Two Freestyles for the Price of One” 

Kendrick Lamar: Black Friday

J. Cole: Black Friday

Genre: Hip-Hop

From an untitled collaboration (Rumored To Release 2/16/16) 


“Non-Quantized Drums are Always Heavier” 

Pusha T: Untouchable

Genre: Hip-Hop

From “Darkest Before Dawn” (Releases 12/18/15)


“Rap Can Be in 3” 

Run The Jewels: Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop

From “Rubble Kings” (Releases 1/15/16)


“Better Than The Original” 

Jay Rock: Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Genre: Hip-Hop

Single (Released 11/25/15)


“What A Guy”

Thundercat: Paris 

Genre: Experimental Jazz

Single (Released 11/18/15)


“Weirdest Colab 2015?”

ANOHNI: 4 Degrees (Prod. Hudson Mohawke & Oneohtrix Point Never)

Genre: Experimental Pop

From “HOPELESSNESS” (Single Reased 11/30/15)


“Did I Hear this at BWI?” 

Animal Collective: FloriDada

Genre: Experimental Pop

From “Painting With” (Releases 2/19/16) 


“Happy and Edgy” 

Hinds: San Diego

Genre: Indie Rock 

From “Leave Me Alone” (Releases 1/8/16)


By Chris Cardoz on Dec. 2, 2015, 12:57 a.m.

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