Contributors: Chris Cardoz & Will Scerbo 

Direcr Playlist Links:

Death Grips: Hot Head

Genre: Noise/Rap

From “Bottomless Pit” Release Date Unknown 

El Guincho: Mis Hits

Genre: Abstract Club Jam

From “HiperAsia” Releases 2/12/16

DJ Paypall & DJ Orange Julius: Gotta Get

Genre: Footwork 

Single Released 2/10/16

Matmos: Ultimate Care II Excerpt

Genre: Glitch/IDM

From “Ultimate Care II” Releases 2/19/16

Tennyson: All Yours

Genre: Indie Dubstep

Single Released 2/9/16

Animal Collective: Lying In The Grasss

Genre: Experimental Pop

From “Painting With” Releases 2/18/16

Nisennenmondai: #3

Genre: Krautrock 

From “N/A” Release Date Unknown

Parquet Courts: Dust

Genre: Indie Rock

From “Human Performance” Releases 4/8/16

Yeasayer: Prophecy Gun

Genre: Indie Rock

From “Amen & Goodbye” Releases 4/1/16

Kanye West: Real Friends 

Genre: Hip-Hop

From “The Life of Pablo” Releases 2/11/16

Young Thug: F Cancer (Boosie) Ft. Quavo

Genre: Trap

From “I’m Up” Released 2/4/16

Future: Xanny Family

Genre: Trap

From “Evol” Released 2/5/16






By Chris Cardoz on Feb. 10, 2016, 10:16 p.m.