NEWS: (2/23/16)

Animal Collective: Golden Gal

Genre: Experimental Pop

From “Painting With” Released (2/19/16)

Massive Attack and Young Fathers: Voodoo In My Blood

Genre: Trip-Hop 

From “Ritual Spirit EP” Releases (2/28/2016)

Sun Kil Moon & Jesu: Good Morning My love

Genre: Indie Rock

From “Self Titled” Released (2/18/2016) 

Frankie Cosmos: Sinister

Genre: Indie Rock

From “Next Thing” Releases (4/1/16)

Out Of Loud: Parkway

Genre: Indie Rock

From “Out Of Loud EP” Releases 2016

Captain Morris: White Girl

Genre: Indie Pop

From “Interviewee” Released (2/15/16)

James Blake: Modern Soul

Genre: Post Dubstep

Single Released (2/11/16)

:3LON: Floating

Genre: R&B

From “Ronin” Released (2/12/16)

J Dilla: The Introduction

Genre: Hip-Hop

From “The Diary” Releases (4/15/16)

OG Maco: 30 Hours For Pablo Dylan

Genre: Rap

Single Released (2/22/16)

Boards of Canada: Sisters (Odd Nosdam Remix)

Genre: Electronic

Single Released (2/22/16)

Guerilla Toss: Grass Shack

Genre: Noise Rock

From “Grass Shack” Releases (3/4/16)

Max Eilbacher: Conjunctive Phase Standards(Synthesis)" CS Excerpt 01

Genre: Noise

Single Released (2/16/16)


By Chris Cardoz on Feb. 25, 2016, 2:30 p.m.