FEATURE: DJ Interview - Turn Up Tuesdays

Augusto Ramirez is a junior Computer Science major with dual minor in Computational Medicine and Entrepreneurship & Management. He was born in Lima, Peru, but raised in Miami, Florida, where he fell in love with electronic music and hip-hop. He has played his show, Turn Up Tuesdays, for three years on WJHU. He usually plays trap music, opened for Awkwafina, has 2,074 Facebook friends and will not pop your zits for you, sorry.

Hey Augusto!
My name is Augusto Ramirez. I go by ManBearPimp, Auggie Aulinz, Yung Goose, Auggie Velarde – but mainly ManBearPimp (MBP).

When is your show?
My show is actually Fridays from 6PM to 7PM. hahaha.

Tell us the story behind the name of your program.
The name is purposely misleading... It all started before I got my show. It was initially going to be called Turn Up Tuesdays (the same) but actually going to be held on Tuesdays. Someone in WJHU, I forgot who, informed me that I was actually in the wrong slot and they had to move me to a different time. I gladly took Friday but kept the name as my roommate and I thought it was hilarious.

How do you go about putting together your show?
I sometimes bring in a mini-controller to practice mixing during the show. I DJ and so it was a good idea to do that at first. Now I stick to playlists on the music I listen too and make mixes beforehand because ain’t nobody got time.

What music do you typically play on your show?
I usually play trap music since that is what I produce the most. However, every now and then I play other electronic music (along the lines of future and/or chillwave) or hip-hop.

What’s your favorite new release?
Yo I don’t care what people say. Kanye West is forever bae. His production quality is the best of ALL TIME. The Life of Pablo has some quality stuff. Please don’t judge me – I appreciate the music.

Have you ever DJed like, for real for real?
Yeah so I do shows around Hopkins every now and then. I’m a broke college student but also very busy, so I usually go for Hopkins events that pay very well haha. I opened for Dumbfounded and Awkwafina when they came here. Also got to DJ alongside Zomano (DJ Zo) which was really cool.

How many Facebook friends do you have?
Uhhh I don’t know why I am answering this... but according to Facebook, 2,074.

Justin Bieber.
I kinda like his new fusion with Jack U and electronic producers. I hate him for doing that but I also hate myself for not avoiding it like the plague. I hate myself for answering this question. Deeply regret this.

What’s in your tinder bio? (screen shots encouraged)
Complementary baby-making R&B slow jams by ya boi MBP ;)

How do you feel about popping other people’s zits?

Thanks Augusto!

You can listen to Augusto on Friday’s from 6 to 7PM Eastern on www.wjhu.org . You can also follow him-
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManBearPimp/
On Twitter:  @manbearpimp

By Ruth Landry on March 8, 2016, 12:49 p.m.

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