COLUMN: From The Desk of the Music Director: 5 Albums to be Hyped About (Spring 2016)

The Body & Full of Hell – One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (out March 25)

               Genre: Grindcore, Sludge Metal, pain

               Another fruitful collaboration is plucked from the Yggdrasil of extreme metal bro-friendships: this time it’s The Body and Full of Hell. Salty nectar seeps from the lead single “The Little Death.” Could that be blood? I certainly detect the curdling of mine when a horrific scream erupts after 30 seconds of overdriven snare assault. I expect full blood-cheese formation after sitting through the whole thing when it comes out on the 25th. Perhaps you should too, especially since Full of Hell is known for their grind-ified Fleetwood Mac covers.


Open Mike Eagle– Hella Personal Film Festival (out March 25)

               Genre: Alternative hip-hop, dark comedy

               Produced by Paul White, prepare to get hella personal with Michael Eagle II on the 25th if you aren’t scared enough by the aching of The Body & Full of Hell. Known for his eloquent-yet-direct, funny-yet-meaningful verses, you should anticipate similar stylings from Mike on this new EP. The lead single “Check to Check” muses over the mundane interactions of the life of an unapologetic art rapper with the life (anti-?) of his finances and trivial chores. Peep the opening line “I won’t work without checking my phone first, put it down for my son when I’m checking his homework.” I feel ya Mike, especially since it’s time to post a snapchat and do my own homework.


Yeasayer – Amen & Goodbye (out April 1)

               Genre: Art pop, electronic, Animal Collective + The Backstreet Boys

               Yeasayer is often lumped as a trend-hopping band but I find their discography very rewarding, especially 2012’s underappreciated “Fragrant World.” They combine pop hooks with electronic experimentation to sometimes mind-blowing effect (“O.N.E,” anyone?). Their new album “Amen and Goodbye” is shaping up to be a good one, with two songs “I Am Chemistry” and “Prophecy Gun” hinting at a more groove-oriented, relaxed release. The twin vocals of Anand Wilder and Chris Keating sound better than ever, and the choral elements and labyrinthine synth breakdowns of “I Am Chemistry” show potential for a real slapper.



Parquet Courts – Human Performance (out April 8)

               Genre: Indie rock, genuine sarcasm, facetious realism

               One appeal of Parquet Courts is their refusal to behave. Initially labeled as a disciple of Pavement and The Fall, they’ve released two albums and two EPs since their breakthrough “Light Up Gold” ranging from minimalist noise (“Monastic Living”) to Beastie Boys tributes (“He’s Seeing Paths”) to even a Nancy Sinatra cover. In other words, they’ve definitely proven to be more than just a shrine-polisher to ye 90s idolatry. Another appeal is the honest-to-the-point-of-being-abject lyrics of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown, as evident in the three songs out from “Human Performance,” their mural-inspired new album. Check it out!


Suuns – Hold/Still (out April 15)

               Genre: Experimental rock

               Many shrug off dissonance. The constructive interference of the minor second is their poison and their cue to press the stop button. Meanwhile, Suuns embrace it. Over the single “Translate,” Suuns veer into space-jam territory over a pinprick riff rippling with gratuitous skronk. However, the kraut-groove anchors it all together into a concise neo-psychedelic package. Judging from the quality material on their last album, a hazy collaboration with drone artist Jerusalem In My Heart, you should get excited for more wonky zone-traversals on April 15 with the drop of Hold/Still.

All in all, 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty sick year for music!


By Will Scerbo on March 10, 2016, noon

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