Contributors: Chris Cardoz, Will Scerbo, George Danforth

This week's edition is dedicated to the late MC, Phife Dawg. A Tribe Called Quest was the first ever rap music that I was into, and Phife was my favorite rapper in the group. While many point out that Q-Tip is the mastermind (the abstract poet incognito), I always prefered the powerful and often humorous verses spat by Phife. The first track is a tribute to Phife by rapper/producer Larry Fisherman (A.K.A. Mac Miller). However, if you've never listened to A Tribe Called Quest, I would reccomend the albums "Midnight Marauder" and "The Low End Theory" before you peep the tribute. And if you're more into songs/videos than albums, this is a good introduction to the tribe (Phife is the first rapper).
Long live Phife. R.I.P.


Larry Fisherman: 5 Foot Assassin: Larry Fisherman Tribute

Genre: Hip-Hop

Single Released 3/23/16


Kendrick Lamar: Untitled 05

Genre: Hip-Hop

From “Untitled Unmastered” Released 3/4/16

Wiki, A$AP Ferg, Your Old Droog: Cipher with Christian Scott

Genre: Hip-Hop

Video Released 3/2/16


Open Mike Eagle: I Went Outside Today ft. Aesop Rock

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop

From “Hella Personal Film Festival” Releases 3/25/16


Nx Worries (Anderson Paak & Knowledge): Link Up

Genre: Hip-Hop

Single Released 3/3/16


Jamie Isaac: Last Drip (Remix ft. Rejjie Snow)
Genre: Hip-Hop

From “Loose Grip” Released 3/21/16


Tyler The Creator: The Fuck Right Now

Genre: Rap

Released 3/3/16


Domo Genesis: Go Gas ft. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Tyler, The Creator

Genre: Rap

From “GENESIS” Releases 2/25/16


Denzel Curry: Gook

Genre: Trap

From “Imperial” Released 3/9/16


Benzo Box: Stay Woke (Sketch)

Genre: Trap

Single Released 3/17/16


D.O.K.: Hardrive HDR010

Genre: Grime
From “Grove EP” Released 3/21/16


Wheez-ie - Questionable Taste:

Genre: Dance 

From “Questionable Taste EP” Released 3/18/16


Iglooghost: Peanut Choker (Maxo Remix)
Genre: Electronic 

From “Little Grids” Released 3/18/16


The Range: Cooper Wire 

Genre: Electronic

From “Potential” Releases 3/25/16


Mark Pritchard: Beautiful People ft. Thom Yorke

Genre: Electronic
From “Under The Sun” Releases 5/13/16


By Chris Cardoz on March 23, 2016, 3:14 p.m.