FEATURE: DJ Interview - Hot and Bothered with Kate and Zanir

Kate McEvilly and Zanir have played their show Hot and Bothered with Kate and Zanier every Sunday at 8PM ET for almost a year now. Although they play a pretty diverse repertoire of music, their show is consistent in its cheek, apparent love of Pitbull and discussions of Tinder. They have a lot of feelings.


Tell us the story behind the name of your program.

We wanted a cheeky name that got people hooked from the start. We figured that talking about bad Tinder dates, current events both on campus and in the world at large, and sharing our love of music was definitely something that would get people hot and bothered. Hence, our show was born.

What music do you typically play on your show?

Zanir lives for electronic music, while my absolute favorite music is R&B and soul. We both have pretty diverse palettes though and will experiment and listen to anything (rock, pop, hip hop, rap, country, jazz). We change it up every show.

Do you talk on your show? How often? About what?

We hassle each other. We try to get each other or our friends to tell juicy secrets or interesting truths. It’s always entertaining.

Make a set list for your funeral.

I would start with Angie Stone, transition into Marvin Gaye, then Al Green, a little snip-bit of Kanye, a hint of the guy who’s pool is bigger than Yeezy’s (for now, Drake), major Arcade Fire love, closing down with tearjerker Band of Horses songs, and then finally, Placido Domingo and The Three Tenors to really get people in their feels.

Zanir would probably have Kygo playing the whole time. LOL.

Thoughts on the new Kanye album?

So many feelings.

How pretentious is your radio show?

“Very important and very pretentious” - Drake

Defend your favorite guilty pleasure music.

I have a weird thing for Pitbull. I am not ashamed of it. Mr. Worldwide floats my boat. #dale (Zanir doesn’t get it).

A controversial truth about Hopkins…

Where everyone you know has slept with everyone you know.

What would you play if you were DJing Phi Psi Beach Party?

Pitbull, obviously.

How many Facebook friends do you have?

Kate: 1014 (it’s a more exclusive club) Zanir: 1176

Justin Bieber.

I became a Beileber in 2015, and honestly, I am really confused and troubled by it.

What’s in your tinder bio? (screen shots encouraged)

Not here for the second string. That’s my Tinder bio. I’m still trying to get Zanir on Tinder. It’s a daily struggle.

Which Kardashian are you?

I am obviously North West. No question. I would say Zanir is a Kris Jenner.

Who was your best cuddling partner at Hopkins?

Still searching (sob) Wanted: big, cuddly human.

Are you friends with Hana on Snapchat?

No :/

What’s your usual excuse for skipping your radio show?

“Ahhhhh yesterday was Sunday?” “Yeah…”

Were you ever emo? Why not?!!

In fifth grade, I wore grey and black for two days and painted my nails black, and suddenly, I was the grade goth.


Make sure to listen to Hot and Bothered with Kate and Zanir every Sunday night at 8PM Eastern here on WJHU! You can also follow them on Instagram:  @katemcevilly and @zanhab

By Ruth Landry on March 29, 2016, 3:01 p.m.

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