FEATURE: Interview - Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Recently, Dr. Wendy Suzuki came to the WJHU studio to talk to DJ David Angeles about her book Healthy Brain, Happy Life. Dr. Suzuki is a Professor of Nueral Science and Psychology at NYU, researches brain plasticity, has given multiple Ted Talks and has participated in the MothIn her new book, she describes how important excercise can be for not only your health and happiness, but for activities that Hopkins students hold dear, such as learning, working and studying. 

In this interview with DJ David Angeles, she discusses writing her book and how she came to understand the connections between excercise and the brain. Listen to learn about creativity and the brain, the social implications of her research, and the nueroscience class she taught at NYU that she had to get certified as an excercise instructor to teach!

You can order your copy of Healthy Brain, Happy Life on Amazon as well as through Barnes and Noble


By Ruth Landry on April 27, 2016, 6:31 p.m.

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