Brian McConnell (Exec board and DJ of "Sing Sing Sing")

Discovered some great Benny Goodman Trio stuff on Spotify while doing my show this morning, also bought a dope record (my first) at Normal's: Glenn Miller Orchestra's In the Digital Mood. Jazz is tight, especially the old fashioned ensemble stuff!

Ruth Landry (Exec board and DJ of "BIG FUN")

Really into the American Honey soundtrack. It's a great mix of country and rap! A lot throwbacks with some great new finds and more recently popular tunes.

Emily Whitney (Exec board)

Finally got into Pinegrove's Cardinal!!!!! The entire album is good. The songs are really earnest and emotive. Also, these dudes are from my hometown so it's been helping me cope with homesickness. YAY!

Paul Watson (Exec board and DJ of "Power Hour with Paul")

Malibu by Anderson .Paak. Shit's super groovy. 

Isaac Bernstein (DJ of "Rice and Beans")

New drake shit sounds good. Still fucking with new Gucci album. Would add an essay here if I had the time/finger strength. THEY SOUND GOOOOOOOOD!

Will Scerbo (Exec board and DJ of "All You Can Eat Sushi")

I heard this EP by the producer Honnda called "Diamonds in the Microwave." It sounds absolutely ridiculous. Like EDM from 2050 or something laced with corny sound effects and the occasional pump-up vocal chanting. I've been really into listening to over-the-top music recently so this really fits the bill. Recommended if you like the production of: Foodman, Earthly, Arca, Flatlander, anyone else on Orange Milk records.

Alyson Richardson (DJ of "Music n Chill")

My favorite songs this week are "If this is Love" by Xavier Omar, "Fake Love" by Drake, "Beach" by Herrick & Hooley, and the whole Woptober album by Gucci Mane.

David Shi (Exec board)

Yeah, a a lot of sick music like Dirty Three and Washington Phillips! That's some cool stuff, and also the first Slipknot album.

Casey Whitman (Exec board)

I went to a Joyce Manor/Hotelier/Crying show and saw Latterman live, and I've been listening to "From Indian Lakes" by Everything Feels Better Now, "Winter Wheat" by John K. Samson, and "Modern Act" by Cloud Nothings.

Taylor Washington (DJ of "tUnE-yArD")

Deakin's (formerly of anco) debut solo album "sleep cycle" (whole thing is great but golden chords is my favorite), big thief and frankie cosmos since i'm seeing them on sunday in DC (big thief's debut album is also amazing), the latest parquet courts album, a japanese psych rock band called kikagaku moyo (cardigan song is rly good), silk rhodes' self titled album, the new warehouse album (reservoir is one of my favorites), bjork's medulla bc i just got it on vinyl, and lots of meriweather post pav and sung tongs bc i'm getting amped to see anco @ rams head next week. all around really good tunes/melodies/beats with lyrics to match.

Will Bernish (Exec board and DJ of "The 700 Club")

There's some really good dungeon synth coming out these days like Chaucerian Myth. Dungeon synth fucking rocks! Also perfect for gloomy autumn weather. 

The playlist is below:


By Chris Cardoz on Oct. 26, 2016, 5:20 p.m.

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