Will Scerbo

This week, I really enjoyed the new Ben Vida album "Damaged Particulates" out on Shelter Press. I also saw Animal Collective live at Rams Head which was pretty sick. The Ben Vida album has two long pieces for modular synth that are really dank. Best listened to in a dark room. Animal Collective were great as usual, Jeremy Hyman killed it on drums...he gives a totally different vibe to some of their older songs that they play, especially when they closed with the heaviest version of Guys Eyes I've ever heard.

Alex Walinskas

I went to Portugal. The Man @ Ram's Head and it was hella dope. Also, the new album by CRX is awesome. I'm planning on doing a formal write-up for the Portugal. The Man concert, but they had the perfect blend of old and new in their set, and the crowd was super invested. The new CRX album has a Strokes-esque vibe with a little more punk edginess than the Strokes' indie rock.

Casey Whitman

Brand New's The Devil and God Is Raging Inside Me getting ready for the show on Thursday. New Japandroids single is fantastic, and all I would want it to be. But all I'm actually listening to is the perfect recorded version of Emperor X's "Wasted On A Senate Floor". 

Isaac Beans

Unwind by Cam Wallace, Influence by Tove Lo, Daydream by Medasin. These three tracks are so chilly that they got me chillin in a sweater sitting in a beanbag chair of groove. Also, Hillary $wank BECAUSE THE PRODUCTION IS SO GOOD.

Scott Li

Kero Kero Bonito. Listen to Flamingo + My Party and you won't regret it.

Laura Chicos

Loose thoughts by Masego. Fell in love - saxophone:hip-hop:electronic combined so well.

Matt Munoz

The album Indie 500 produced by 9th wonder. Black Star - Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star. Lovin It - Little Brother. It's some very soulful 90s hip hop.

David Shi

Clinic - Distortions. It's sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Meena Chatrathi

Blue Boss: Sampa the Great, Blessings: Sampa the Great, 4r Da Squaw: Isaiah Rashad. Dope ass songs.

Alex Borovoy

I went to Purhase fallfest and saw Porches, Kyle, HO9909, and Adult Mom. They were all fire as fuck live.

Jonathan Silveira

Finally got into the new PUP album (best song: DVP), so good. Also, Julien Baker's sprained ankle is so sad. Saw Pinegrove live, so good (add New Friends to the mix). Bought The Caretaker's An Empty Bliss...on vinyl. Lit. Punk is good. Pinegrove is sweet. Listen to PUP.

Paul Watson

Illinois by Sufjan Stevens. This album is crazy. Every song has so many parts and it's tons of fun and everyone should listen to it like 3 times a day. Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. Super fun to listen to and a cool mix of retro and weird modern production.

Taylor Washington

Haven't listened to anything new this week, but ive been listening to a lot of Foxygen (specifically San Francisco and How Can You Really), Animal Collective (Golden Gal, Alvin Row, Daily Routine), tUnE-yArDs (Hatari and Lions), Sales (Renee and Chinese New Year), and the song So Broken, which is one of Bjork's B-Sides. AnCo concert got me hooked on listening to Daily Routine because it was so great live. Also hooked on So Broken because it's backed by some awesome spanish guitar and incredible vocals (especially live)

Chaebin Jeon

Tashaki Miyaki, Dreaming by Miniature Tigers, Rum Hee by Shugo Tokumaru. Tashaki Miyaki is beautiful, fuzzy, rock. Dreaming takes a super cliche chord progression and spices it up really nicely (plus Miniature Tigers' other songs are great). Shugo Tokumaru uses a lot of children's instruments and adds a very playful feel to indie rock influenced by Japanese folk and pop.

Ben Costello

Sibelius's Symphony no. 4. This is a really eerie, gloomy piece that kept me listening very closely. The third movement was originally music to accompany Poe's "The Raven." Icy, introverted, and full of tritones everywhere. I highly recommend it--it really doesn't sound like anything I've heard before.

Chris Cardoz

I've been listening to the new releases from the former members of Das Racist, Kool AD and Heems. Specifically, the songs "No Fly List" by Swet Shop Boys and "It's Alrite 2 Cry" by Kool AD. As much as I love Das Racist and want them to reunite, listening to each members' new music makes me think a reunion is unlikely. Kool AD continues to release a prolific amount of extremely experimental light-hearted tracks, while Heems is taking more of the traditional Hip-Hop route, talking about his own personal struggles. I relate to both rappers immensely as I am Indian-American who grew up in NY post 9/11 like Heems, but I am also an idiotic wise-guy like Kool AD. When I'm thinking about my own life experiences on Long Island, I like to listen to Heems, but when I want to take myself less seriously or just chill out I turn to Kool AD. Maybe this distinction is what made them such a great duo...


By Emily Whtiney on Nov. 8, 2016, 11 a.m.

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