Alex Borovoy

The New Uzi mixtape, the new Weeknd album, and the Porches live Spotify sessions. Uzi tape sucked. I enjoyed the Weeknd album but felt it should have all been co-produced by Daft Punk. Porches are always dope. 

Alex Walinskas

Fifth Harmony gets me pumped up/empowered like no other. Listen to "That's My Girl" -- ultimate female empowerment jam. 

Jon Silveira 

I've been listening to a lot of Interpol. Also, Leila put me onto Black Ben Carson by JPEGMAFIA which is a huge banger. Just discovered an old The Mountain Goats song too called Hail St. Sebastian which is tight and a jammer.

Paul Watson

None of these are new but: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, L'Imperatrice. Nonagon Infinity is bangin but kinda short, luckily you can listen to it on repeat forever. Quarters (esp River) is solid psych rock. Paper Mache Dream Balloon is is like psych rock for the suburbs (v good). L'Imperatrice's - EP sounds like a disco that I'd like to go to.

Will Scerbo

various artists - PC Music Vol. 2. PC Music kills it again with another comp. They've kinda lost their stride but it's still good shit. The two Hannah Diamond songs are both killer and the Felicita track sounds like a club remix of the last OPN record. Pure ear candy.

Isaac beans

Starboy (album) by the Weeknd, FREE 6LACK by 6LACK, Maniac by Jhene Aiko. Besides the release of Starboy which deserves its own post, 6LACK's first album is insane, sexy, and boasts ridiculous talent on the production. It's got vibes like many Weeknd tracks if that's what you're into. And Manic: OH MAH GAWSH THIS SONG IS SO GOOD

Chris Cardoz

I Be On - YG ft 21 Savage. 21 Savage is one of my favorite trap rappers right now. I used to think he was the second coming of Gucci Mane. This track shows that his preschooler flow can shine in other rap sub-genres. Excited to see what comes of 21.

Emily Whitney

The new Tribe Called Quest Album is LIT. The production is classic Tribe -- groovy and jazzy. My faves are We The People..., Melatonin, Dis Generation, and Movin Backwards. Also been into Jeff Rosenstock's WORRY, and Dear To Me by Electric Guest (so smoov!). 

Jay Miller

Electronic bangers: Machinedrum, Shades, Copycatt, Carmack, etc. -- mostly because i luv wubs and tight drum beats.
Metal/metalcore bands: ETID, Lamb of God, ABR, Pantera, etc. -- mostly because i luv guitars, crazy drum-playing, heavy breakdowns, and angry white guys yelling
"Tasteful" music: Only one band: Horse Lords (from Baltimore!!! before you ask no we shouldn't book them) 4 sick dudes jamming in some crazy tuning systems (microtones and shit!) over some crazy rhythms.

Sam Gomes

I haven't stopped listening to Prettiest Virgin by Agar Agar, some French group that released an EP in late September. Their song aquarium is p cool too! Teen Pregnancy by Blank Banshee samples The Message from Grandmaster Flash, so I've been playing those songs back to back. The Blank Banshee song is ~wavy~ but it's not new, it's from 2012. Additionally, I've been trying to consciously listen to more female/queer artists of color so I've been bumping a lot of Lizzo!!! Betcha, Phone, and Jang a Lang are a trip. She sounds like an angrier Missy Elliot ahhh I love it!!



By Emily Whitney on Nov. 30, 2016, 12:20 p.m.

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