Will Scerbo

Been listening to a lot of Four Tet's 2015 album Morning/Evening, mostly in the morning and evening as the title suggests. Been bumping "I Smoke Weed" by Chrome a lot. Also trying to get as many people to join the cult of King Gizzard fans.

Four Tet's album is mad relaxing. Super minimal but somehow driving and inspiring for getting shit done whether that's getting to class or actually doing schoolwork....kind of a sad context for a "dance" album but idc. "I Smoke Weed" is just a great song. And King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are about to blow the fuck up. Their US tour coming up is gonna be fucking wild. Lmk if you're trying to go to the 930 club show in March because I don't have a ride. Pls help. 

Alex Walinskas

This weekend, road trippin' back to campus from western Maryland, I realized how freakin' PRIME the Naked Brothers Band was in its prime. Kids shows with music are rarely that quality. Also, one of the dudes from that show, Nat Wolff, makes quality adult-person music now.

Isaac Bernstein

Went to an Internet concert so I have all their bangers on the dome (dontcha was hot). Peep Steve Lacy's new stuff for sure. FKJ's latest album is V groovy and chill. MAKE LOVE BY GUCCI FEAT NICKI HAS THAT YUMYUM GUCCI SOUND WE ALL DIG.

Just peep the tunes then you'll know :)

Rebecca Rosenthal

Dirty Projectors new album, specifically Death Spiral, Keep Your Name, and Up In Hudson. 

Nice thematic connection in content and in style (whole album is blessedly cohesive, a rarity in the age of streaming/the single), but still different from each other and most other stuff that I've heard lately.

Chaebin Jeon

Waiting for fries rn at the And the Kids show in DC! Check our their music. Also: New Paint by Loudon Wainwright III. What's Up Fatlip by Fatlip and Blackkk by Thundercat.

Paul Watson

The Ratatouille OST and Flying Microtonal Banana.

The Ratatouille OST album has really inspired me to put rodents in my hats and to obey their every command because they are more than likely really great at some sort of skill. Also, King Gizzard released their new album which is super wild and sounds really cool.

Emily Whitney

Vulfpeck's My First Car, Zammuto's Zammuto, NxWorries's Yes Lawd!, and Kilo Kish's stuff.  Also, Lorde's Green Light is a certified banger. Would be a great song to workout to if I did anything of the sort.

Hana Chop

Been listening to Min Tid by Flødeklinikken a lot. This song is super familiar and very comforting to listen to for me. A reminder to chill out and stop taking everything so seriously.

Jonathan Silveira

Listening to Drunks, the new Thundercat album. Into his groovy bass and that Kendrick verse that goes super hard.

Allison Jiang

A friend introduced me to an artist named Croosh, and I've been looping him for days. Choice songs: Vibrations, I Like, Strange, Down. Super wavey. 

Dubray Kinney

Aaja by Swet Shop Boys, Monstro by Downtown Boys, and Block 4 by King Los. 

Aaja has an insane sample with verses that walk the line between cheesy romance and social discourse makes this the perfect post-Valentines track. Downtown boys played the Ottobar last Monday and ended their set with Monstro, a song sure to make you headbang to a saxophone. King Los is local so you've gotta show him some love but it also helps that this track has a catchy chorus made for radio play that didn't get the traction it deserved. The "ten ten ten!" that grounds the track is a shout that needs to be heard in the public sphere. Doesn't hurt that this is a technical tour de force for 2 underrated rappers.

Sam Gones

Gucci On My!!!!! Great pregame song.

Vinnie Wu

I went to The Internet Presents: The Internet with two other WJHU DJs, Isaac and Raph, and Sam! It was awesome! In addition to songs off Ego Death, they played tracks from Steve Lacy's new demo and Syd and Matt Martians' new albums. A combination of groovy, funky, and seductive vibes all centered around hip-hop and R&B. Steve Lacy is only 18! and he produced his demo on his iPhone. All his songs are so catchy and the beats are smooth.



By Emily Whitney on March 8, 2017, noon

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