NEWS: Standing Room Only- Who, What, When, and you already know why


Will Scerbo 


So it’s Saturday. Like, prime-pregame-time Saturday. Not saying this is a pregame or anything, but WJHU is having a lil’ show down at The Lab. From 8-10pm, you can go ahead and find yourself a spot at our second SRO event of the year. We’ve got five acts that are helping christen 3003 N Charles St’s shiny new space, and it’s gonna be wholesome as heck—if you consider 2 straight hours of pummeling electronic beats wholesome. Seriously, this stuff is gonna be wild. You ever try installing Ableton on a quantum computer? My boys down at the Physics department showed me what’s up and now I’m cooking up slappers in superpositions of BPMs. Enough about my personal production (which you can hear if you come on down), here’s the full lineup:



My boy S&T hails from Long Island, and thank fucking god he doesn’t make emo. Surf&Turf’s production style is a bit of Young Metro and a bit of Shawn Kemp, with fries on the side. He’s one half of the rap group Replica (check their mixtape tho) and he’ll be playing some unreleased shit if I heard right. Additionally, he’s got mad unsigned cred so you best hop on the hype train before it takes off.



Benzo Box

Noided djent-influenced trap, need I say more?



Percy Sludge

Envision the grim sight of a broken man, drenched in sweat on the curb, on his knees. The sunlight’s beating down on his balding head as it hits the sidewalk moments later. Percy Sludge is there with a zoom recorder watching the whole thing go down. Six pack of Tecate later and we’ve got a nice beat cooked up. Percy’s music is sorta like Eprom and Andy Morin doing a b2b DJ set in a 30+ strip club where there’s a list of banned customers down to the middle name. Comes with free coffee.




Yours truly. The quantum stuff I was talking about above with the bonus of a real analog synth on the premises. Gonna be playing stuff from my new EP which comes out later in the month called “WOLD.” New stuff is club music for the apocalypse.




You know that scene in the Holy Mountain where all the people are pouring cash into the pit of fire that MGMT ripped off in the “Kids” video back in ’07? Okay, replace Jodo’s soundtrack with dream pop and that’s kinda like what Tocca sounds like. The brainchild of Risa Elledge and Alex Zhu, Tocca’s music is anchored by reverb-drenched analog synth pads with Risa’s vocals and Alex’s guitar hovering overhead. Super futuristic and wonderful: catch their debut released soon!




By Will Scerbo on March 10, 2017, 8:22 p.m.

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