Do you like your music consumption messy but your flows tight? Look no further than the curated hip-hop hour from Reece Griffith. New to WJHU, this DJ is a freshman Computer Science Major who is trying to inject a little bit of chaos into mainstream hip-hop playlists. From Victorville, CA, you can now find Griffith behind the mic in the WJHU station on Sundays at 3:00pm. Find out more about his show, Haphazardous Hip-Hop, here:



Hey Reece- let's start with the basics. What's story behind the name of your show?

Haphazardous is defined as: random, chaotic; incomple; not thorough, constant, or consistent. The show mainly features Hip Hop, but strays from it occasionally. Thus, the name Haphazardous Hip Hop was born.


‪How long has your show been on WJHU?

Since the Spring of 2017


‪What music do you typically play on your show?

I assemble hip hop songs of all sorts. Then I salt the playlist with some out-of-genre pieces to give the show that haphazardous feel. I don’t really do themes, but I do have shows where we focus on a new/lesser known artist.


Does your show have a theme?

Typically, the show revolves around hip hop, but there are a lot of other genres mixed in with each show. I do talk on my show, mostly about music, current events, or just life, man. We also occasionally feature interviews with members of the community.


‪What radio stations do you listen to in Baltimore or at home?

I don’t really listen to normal radio. I find it a bit too mainstream. I’m hoping to show people a lot of music they’ve never heard before.


‪What’s your favorite new release?

My favorite new release of 2017 is Drunk by Thundercat featuring Kendrick Lamar. The combination of their two sounds is really interesting and unexpected.


‪Sum up your musical taste:

Top 10 artists, in no particular order, that I could listen to all day: 

Yung Lean, Tupac, Kyle, $uicideboy$, Tyler, the Creator, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Kanye West, Russ, Joey Bada$$


‪Make a set list for your funeral:

Lean World - Yung Lean

Life Goes On - Tupac

My Window - Russ

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

When I Come Around - Green Day

Ultralight Beam - Kanye

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd West

Miami Ultras - Yung Lean

Sunshine - Atmosphere

‪Defend your favorite guilty pleasure music:

‪Gotta be R&B slow jams. They’re not really something I play on the air too often, but you’ll hear them every once in awhile. Songs from this genre are romantic, soulful, and and classy all at once. It’ great music, and, though it may not always be the right time or place for them, slow jams will always have their place in my heart

Which Suite Life of Zack and Cody character are you?

Mr. Moseby, because I'm very particular about what I play on my show, just like there was no running in his lobby.


Check out Haphazardous Hip Hop on WJHU Radio every Sunday at 3:00pm. You can keep up with Reece and his show here: https://www.instagram.com/rgriffi_

By Jessica Moog on March 15, 2017, 3:26 p.m.

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