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This week, meet Raph Santore, Nick Morton, and Matty Muñoz. These three engineers (the former two mechanical, the latter of the biomedical persuasion) who have come together to bring Double Dream Hands directly to you. Every Friday at 5:00pm, the music affecionados bring you a dose of straight-off-the-dome freestyle, as well as some general hip-hop discussion.

The three amigos hail from NYC (Santore), Natick Masshole (Morton), and beatuiful Mountain View California (Muñoz), so they’ve got your rap news covered coast-to-coast. Find out a little bit more about WJHU’s fuego freestyle show:


Hey guys! Let’s start with the basics- tell us the story behind the name of your show:

Double dream hands is a youtube video that is pretty popular in AEPi, and all of the hosts of DDH are in AEPi.



How long has your show been on WJHU?:

Founded in Spring 2016


How do you go about putting together your show? Do you do themed shows?:

We don’t really do themes, but our show is structured the same way every week. 30 minutes of hip hop with commentary, followed by 30 minutes of freestyle rapping. We love having guests on the show to spit some bars.


What music do you typically play on your show? Do you talk on your show? About what?

We play pretty much exclusively hip-hop. When we talk it’s typically about whatever music we’ve been listening to, what has dropped recently, or just general conversation and rabble with whoever is in the booth. Matty’s mom listens every week, so occasionally there are conversations back and forth with her as she texts in her responses while we are on the air.


What radio stations do you listen to in Baltimore or at home?

Nick listens to 98.5 The Boston Sports Hub

Matty listens to 106.1 KMEL in the Bay Area


What’s your favorite new release?

Raph: Fin-Syd

Nick: The Palmer Squares - Bimodal ; also less new is that new Tribe

Matt: YG - Still Brazy, Dom Kennedy- Los Angeles is not for sale


Speak on each of your musical tastes:

Raph: I love hip hop, and that’s what I search for the most and tend to find the most new music in, but my taste isn’t limited to hip hop contrary to popular belief! New Childish Gambino album (Awaken,my love!) was heat. Shoutout to my roommate Freddie AKA earl grey for showing me a bunch of fire non-hip hop music all the time.

Nick: Restricted myself to hip hop, I love this rap duo from Chicago, The Palmer Squares. Eminem is definitely one of my most played artists of all-time, in unpopular fashion I even endorse new Eminem (MMLP2), but what I dig most is some good ol Shady off the dome. I’m always down to sit for hours watching people come on Sway and hit the Five Fingers of Death.

Matt: I am also big on hip hop, but love R&B music as well. In college I tried to listen to more of the old school hip hop that I wasn’t exposed to in high school. Recently been very big on The Chronic 1992 by Dr. Dre. Outside of that I used to be really big on old school rock & roll, hendrix, Zeppelin, CCR all that kind of music.  


How pretentious is your radio show?

I mean, we rap and think we’re pretty nice so…. pretty pretentious.



Defend your favorite guilty pleasure music:

Raph: Justin Timberlake. Do I really even need to defend this?

Nick: John mayer, dude has chops, listen to him live with the John Mayer Trio in this Hendrix cover of Bold as Love

Matty: Amy Winehouse, very soulful music.


What’s in your Tinder bio? (screen shots encouraged)

Raph: Only emojis.

Nick: I only swipe on Zillow

Matty: I have a girlfriend, so not on tinder. Elena are you reading this?

Double Dream Hands is on WJHU Radio every Friday at 5:00pm. Keep up with the guys and their exclusive show content on Facebook, here!

By Jessica Moog on March 28, 2017, 4:21 p.m.

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