NEWS: **MEET THE DJS** - Platonic Love Affair

If you’ve ever found yourself pining after the days of Britney Spears hit clips and Juicy Couture velour, look no further than Platonic Love Affair.  From Long Island and Los Angeles, respectively, Morgan and Hana are the DJs “bringing sexy back” with their show dedicated to the hits of the 2000s.  Make sure to tune in Mondays at 5pm, and read on to find out more about what you’re in for:     


Hey Morgan and Hana, let’s start with the basics.  How long has your show been on WJHU?

0 minutes, 0 hours, 0 days, 0 years.


How do you go about putting together your show? Do you do themed shows?

Hana: Morgan happens to be a 2000s hits maven, so we play strictly 2000s hits.  Our themes are Platonic Love, positivity, and kindness.  We like to have our friends on the show, too.  Maybe we’ll recount some terrible 2000s memories that come along with the music.


What radio stations do you listen to in Baltimore or at home?

Morgan: strictly pop2k on XM radio


What’s your favorite new release?

Morgan: Haven’t listened to a new release since 2009.

Hana: Aggressive.


Say something about your music taste:

We listen to Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn daily


Have you ever DJed for real for real?

Morgan: Debuted my talent at a 350 party once

Hana: one time I got aux cord privileges and they were immediately revoked.


Defend your favorite guilty pleasure music:

Morgan: why do I have to defend a Death Cab for Cutie phase that stayed with me through life?

Hana: It's One Direction what more could you ask for (a lot)


What’s in your Tinder bio?

Morgan: Date my mom, featuring me dying Hana’s hair

Hana: …...come find me…….


Check out Platonic Love Affair on WJHU Radio, Mondays from 5-6pm.  You can keep up with Morgan and Hana here: @lawnchairs @morgan_marc


By Hannah Lee on April 4, 2017, 9:11 p.m.

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