Casey Whitman

Finally seeing John K Samson of the Weakerthans this week, a top artist currently on my live music bucket list, ready to cry several times.

Alyson Richardson

Get You and Passionfruit are feel good music. I can't stop listening to them on the daily as a pick me up. More life has some good songs, overall pretty good. And Kodak cuz Broward Bred bih!

George Danforth

https://soundcloud.com/kentonslashdemon/syko-rounds-slow-response-mix. This track came out like a year and a half ago but it still bangs. Highly recommended for studying, dancing, or doing drugs to.

Isaac Bernstein

HUMBLE -- complete banger, cannot get it out of my head. Yellow Claw dropped an album (Los Amsterdam) which featured some tunes with the classic Amsterdam trap sound in addition to some more pop-sounding tracks. Jamiroquai dropped "Automaton" which is a whole set of nu disco tunes that sound great. On my mind by 3lau: I hesitatingly recommend a peep.

Emily Whitney

Humble by Kendrick and Ascension by Gorillaz ft Vince Staples. V ready for those albums.

Alex Borovoy

More life. Good dance hall, catchy beats


By Emily Whitney on April 5, 2017, 12:06 p.m.