NEWS: **MEET THE DJS** 700 Club

Made up of over 40 members, the 700 Club is a DJ collective playing a wide range of experimental music Tuesdays at 6pm.  With a new host every week, you never know what you are going to get, but it’s sure to be intriguing.  Co-founder of the 700 Club, Will Bernish, lets us in on the specifics.   


Tell us the story behind the name of your show:

700 Club is sometimes stylized as 700CLUB.  I won't get into details for legal/integrity reasons but [the name is] an inside joke.  


How do you go about putting together your show?

Every week is a different host! We have a rotating schedule, so each week a different person hosts the show. The wonderful part is that while we all have somewhat similar tastes, the favorites differ from host to host and from coast to coast.


What music do you typically play on your show?

While it's a bunch of different people hosting, the format is roughly the same: Spoken introduction, music, spoken interlude, music, sendoff. Usually we play more obscure, noisy, and experimental music (a shared taste among pretty much every member of the 700 Club) but every so often we'll do special themed episodes. My favorite is the Halloween episode - which I get to host - where I play only dungeon synth (which is an amazing genre). "Where the DJ becomes the DM"


What radio stations do you listen to in Baltimore or at home?

I mean I listen to a few other WJHU shows but as for non-internet radio I don't really bother.


What’s your favorite new release?

Well that's always a tough one. The new emptyset just came out and I'm really enjoying it so far. Amazing rhythmic noise.


Favorite albums or artists? Tell us about your music taste:

You can check out my top 10 of 2016 on the WJHU blog for a peek at my personal taste but listen to 700 Club to find out what I and the other members are into! Generally I'm more into the apocrypha of music but there are few songs I'll disregard entirely; I like to listen to a bunch of different stuff. What's great is the 700 Club members all share music between each other - it's a fantastic way to explore music.


How pretentious is your show?

I hope it doesn't come off as pretentious, I really do! Just because the music we play can be a bit odd doesn't mean it's pretentious - we certainly enjoy it! I think the mail goal - if there is one at all for the show - is to play stuff people haven't heard before, whether it flew under their radar or they just weren't into it at all before.


Defend your favorite guilty pleasure music:


Nobody should feel guilty about liking music. If you like it, if you enjoy listening to it, then go do that! Who cares what others think?


What’s your usual excuse for skipping your radio show?

If I can't personally make it on a given meeting night, we've set up the rotating schedule so that somebody always should be showing up, but sometimes they bail on me last-minute. Going forward, we will probably start scheduling backup hosts.

700 Club airs Tuesdays from 6-7pm.  Playlists will be up on Will Bernish’s spotify after the show airs.

By Hannah Lee on April 13, 2017, 9:18 p.m.