Will Scerbo

Been listening to a mix of things with the word "minimal" as a preface. This ranges from minimal techno like Basic Channel, The Field, Robert Hood, and Pantha du Prince, to minimal 20th-century stuff like Julius Eastman and Steve Reich (specifically Tehillim), to ambient stuff like Kara-lis Coverdale, Dedekind Cut, Visible Cloaks, and Gas. I'm super busy right now so it's nice to have a sort of meditative pulse to accompany what I'm busy with, whether that's cooking, doing schoolwork, or other stuff. Something that's texturally light while maintaining some kind of weird mantra to its structure has a lot in common with my own thought processes when doing uncreative or otherwise unengaging tasks. Also, a lot of minimal stuff is just fucking *beautiful* yknow???? I highly recommend the Steve Reich piece Tehillim. It's Reich's interpretation of the psalms from the Hebrew bible set to music and it's craaaaazy good.

George Danforth

Four Tet's new remix of 'A Violent Noise' by The xx. It's a known fact of life that everything Four Tet touches is instantly improved.

Arik Slepyan

DAMN. by Kendrick. Kung Fu Kenny back at it again

Isaac Bernstein 

DAMN. I'll just pick one song to save space: XXX feat U2 is fuego. Kendrick comes in over a SICK beat with a tone like he just took a nap and sipped some tea. The contrast just makes the song bang harder. It's also got great social and political commentary in a fashion only Kendrick can convey. Also Rich Homie Quan dropped an album, loaded with his classic trap-ballads and straight up club burners like "replay".

Laura Chicos

Went to Noname concert - her charisma is amazing and her lyrics are even better. Location and Saved by Khalid r so good

Hana Chop 

I listened to that new Kendrick LP and also a lot of Todd Terje. DAMN. is very good- very enjoyable, Kendrick is rly good, but we all already knew that blah blah. More importantly, I would also like to let everyone know ICYMI that I went to Miami with my friends over spring break and can't stop listening to techno/house music. I want to move to Berlin forever.

Jon Silveira

Literally all i listen to anymore is Alex G, who has a new album coming out, also the Mac Demarco leak is tight. Shamir also put out a free album on Soundcloud l this week!!! Also this dumb indie rock band (barf) called Ducktales is pretty good.

Paul Watson

Someone turned Haruki Murakami's record collection into a Spotify playlist. I've also been listening to Anything in Return and What For? by Toro y Moi

Sam Gomes

Gamesofluck - L'Impératrice Remix by Parcels, Odyssée - Version acoustique by L'Impératrice. Parcels and L'Impératrice are two of my favorite bands! Glad they're collaborating. They use old 70s/80s analog gear like Moog & Juno synthesizers to get their sound. Odyssée also has a sick flute part (and I know we're all craaaazy abt the flute nowadays)


By Emily Whitney on April 19, 2017, 12:54 p.m.

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