Casey Whitman

All Emperor X all day. The new record "oversleepers international" is perfect

Thea Harvey-Brown

Amir Obe - WISH YOU WELL (whole album is good), Yesyou - Change Is Gonna Come, Superorganism - It's All Good, Fhin - Quand on Arrive en Ville, Cashmere cat - 9 (after Coachella)

Eduardo Sandoval

CRAY - Lotus, Whethan - Lovegang, Odesza - Late night, Gorillaz - Let Me Out/every other song on Humanz. Fairy dust, vibes, more vibes, flow slurpee.

Ja Rule

The entire Fyre Festival lineup. The workers will unite against the ruling class, smash the institution, and redistribute all wealth

Will Scerbo

New Aaron Dilloway (the Gag File) is mad good, new Gorillaz is aight, lots of stuff from the Moogfest lineup. Aaron Dilloway is a noise musician who mostly uses manipulated tape as his medium of choice, and the results are anywhere from beautiful to horrifying. New Gorillaz album has some duds but overall is good. Going to Moogfest later this month so trying to get hyped

Paul Watson

New Gorillaz album, new Kendrick album, new Sufjan Stevens live album of Carrie and Lowell. I'm not into a lot of the songs on the new Gorillaz but I haven't listened to it much, thought I love Ascension, Momentz, Submission, We Got the Power. The new Kendrick album is super cool and I like the production 👌, now time to go back and actually listen to the lyrics. There's a live show where Stevens played Carrie and Lowell and I've heard that it's better than the album, I haven't listened to it yet but I just heard about it and going to very soon.

Emily Whitney

Been into SZA (new song Love Galore) and Steve Lacy. Also Painting With by Animal Collective is underrated.

Alex Walinskas

I've been listening a lot lately to an old album by the Canadian band Le Trouble. Very very good!!!

Alex Borovoy

Playboi Carti's self-titled LP. Magnolia bangs so hard

Hannah Lee

The Leanover by Life Without Buildings came up on my discover weekly. Also been listening to CocoRosie's recent-ish single Smoke 'Em Out.


By Emily Whitney on May 3, 2017, 10:12 a.m.

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