Alyson Richardson (Starfire Productions)

Over the summer I went to the Chance concert, the J. Cole concert, and a lot of open mic nights. Favorite low-key song I heard was "Dance" by Sebasthebash (YouTube, Instagram). Both artists are my favorite, and I got to hear a lot of up-and-coming artists. I love discovering new music and vibing.

Will Scerbo (The Clambake)

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto's first two collaborative records - "Vriion" and "Insen". I've been listening to Sakamoto's new album a lot and wanted more of that good-ass post-Pärt atmospheric piano shit that he does so well. Alva Noto adds dope minimal IDM drums so yeah both albums are pretty fucking fire.

Hannah Lee (Play it as it Lays)

Lady of the Ark by Kyle Craft, Waiting for the Light to Fade by Maxwell Young. Kyle Craft's part Bob Dylan, part rock opera, part weird alt guy. But like, I'm into it.

Sam Gomes (Sunday Mass) 

A few weeks ago I listened to the Spotify playlist "I'm with the banned," which features collaborations between musicians from countries banned by the travel ban and American artists. I really liked Cycles by Methal, a Yemenese singer, and X Ambassadors. The song, according to Methal's contribution on Genius, is about the restlessness of living in a war zone. Ahmed Fakroun, a singer from Benghazi, was also featured in the playlist. His songs Nisyan and Soleil Soleil are pretty groovy.

Michael Feder (Hopvan Jams)

Listened to the new Pissed Jeans album. Went as well as expected. They make me feel like my brains are coming out my ears. That's why I like it.

Jonathan Silveira (Slumpday)

I saw Mount Eerie live. Phil only played music from his latest album A Crow Looked at Me. It might be my favorite album this year but it is too sad for me to be able to listen to it too often. I saw him play songs about his wife who passed away earlier this year inside of a church. There seemed to be a sort of irony in his songs being played while a statue of a resurrected Jesus Christ loomed over him. His song detailed his mourning, his slow understanding that death is real. It was a beautiful show. We did not know whether or not to clap after every song. I also bought the first DEVO record from this weird French dude in NYC. Q: Are we Men? A: No we are DEVO! it's honestly one of the most formative records to a lot of the bands I've always enjoyed, and I am kicking myself that t took me so long to listen to it. Also listen to Oh Messy Life by Cap'n Jazz. It's a good band.

Casey Whitman (MuzikDizcovery Radio)

New Young Jesus, Lomelda, and Lunice albums, and getting really hyped for everyone to finally be able to hear the upcoming Cecil Frena LP. 

Vinnie Wu (Rice & Beans)

Here's a list of my favorite albums of the summer! I've been pretty much only listening to these the past few months: Beautiful Thugger Girls, Lust for Life, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, Boo Boo, Issa Album, Still Striving, Luv is Rage 2, Flower Boy

Emily Whitney

Albums bopped to: Flower Boy by Tyler, The Mollusk by Ween, Broken Flowers - EP by Danny L Harle, Emergency & I by the Dismemberment Plan, Spiderland by Slint, A Fever Dream by Everything Everything, Tremendous Sea of Love by Passion Pit, Bromst by Dan Deacon, Actually by Pet Shop Boys

Alex Borovoy (407)

LUV IS RAGE 2 COZY TAPES TOO COZY AND IVE BEEN REVISITING IN UTERO. Pharrell's production on Uzi's tape is fire, A$ap Mob killed it, and Nirvana is Nirvana.


By Emily Whitney on Sept. 13, 2017, 9:46 a.m.

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