Freddie McCall (Double Dream Hands)

NEW: 'Rudy' by ROSTAM; 'Dum Surfer' by King Krule;
OLD: 'Gift' of Love by Kool & the Gang; 'Where or When' by The Flamingos; 'Superrapper' by Grip Grand; 'Why is it so Hard' by Charles Bradley

-ROSTAM's album, Half-Light, makes me feel like I'm floating in the sea on a rainy day, it's fuzzy and loose and sprinkled with blips, and the vocals are so sweet and gentle -- great for hugging people in sweatshirts.
-King Krule gets percussive and in turn I get sweaty.
-Found 'Open Sesame' by Kool & the Gang at Normal's a couple weekends ago. Gift of Love lifts me up on puppet strings at its halfway point.
-'Where or When' .... Mmmmm that's some hot cocoa shit.
-'Superrapper' came up on Spotify radio and I had no choice but to take a dance lap around Gilman Quad
-RIP Charles Bradley

Katie Tam (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)

Kpop group BTS released a new album on September 18, called "Love Yourself: Her." Every song is a bop but my favorites are Serendipity, Pied Piper, and Go Go. This album was really influenced by western pop and EDM, which I happen to love. The vocal line really shined in this album, and the rap line in MIC Drop was great too. (Fyi MIC Drop was inspired by Obama's mic drop last year.) Plus the live performances were great as usual. BTS is a group that changes their sound with every album they put out, and they never disappoint!

Reece Carter (Earplugs)

do re mi - blackbear
Ooh La La - Faces
Televised - HUNNY

do re mi is just a hella dope 'fuck you' song whose slightly repetitive lyrics will become your newest earworm.
Ooh La La is quintessential 70s chill rock. Nothing like some good old acoustic guitar and some simple vocals to be your musical comfort food. Televised is just so interesting as it switches back and forth from an upbeat rhythm to a slower, awed sound. Definitely a good listen.

Raph Santore (Double Dream Hands)

Laila's Wisdom by Rapsody is an album that just dropped that I have been listening to. This album is great because she did a great job choosing her features and delivering strong messages through her lyrics. Also, it's always nice to see female rappers succeeding.

Alex Borovoy (407)

New Death grips and listened to some Modest Mouse. Death Grips is v important and Modest Mouse gets me in my bag

Isaac A. Bernstein (Rice and Beans)

This exam- heavy week has so far been all about comfort music; for me that is bassy dance and jazz. I recently heard the Phlegmatic Dogs remix of Used 2 Be by Wax Motif and BOYYYYYY you might want to turn the volume down for this one in fear of blowing your speakers. It bangs. Format:B also dropped some more clubby good vibe tunes in his "The Scoop EP", including "The Scoop". I've been blasting Countdown by John Coltrane seemingly during every commute from the library; that boy rides up and down the chord progression to listeners delight. 2/3's Adventure has The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra can give you a great idea of how jazz professionals really do their research before really delving into a piece. After having listened to plenty of mambo from Cuban legends like Tito Puente and Tito rodriguez, it is highly apparent.

Will Scerbo (The Clambake)


New giant claw is dope. Kinda sounds like stockhausen-style pointillism applied to a vaporwave/idm sound bank. v sculptural, spacious. 10/10. Greg fox shreds psych jazz/new age, totally zone-y. Gadamn. Discovered Alireza Mashayehki through an interview with Sote in Wire magazine this week. Dope Iranian electronic composer, really wild synth compositions. Highly rec.

Ryan Lucas

I've been revisiting a lot of albums that were important to me in high school that I haven't listened to in a long time this week, mainly Room on Fire and Silver Jew's American Water. Also Dum Surfer is making me so excited for the new King Krule album. Omni's new album Multi-Task was also pretty decent. All this music is dope!! The Strokes were what got me so into music in the first place and King Krule's album was a defining thing for me in high school so I'm super stoked for his release. Omni is just really good angular post-punk that I think sounds cool, but is definitely the type of music my parents would hate.

Clara Liff

Best Friend by Rex Orange County, Talk A Lot by Sales, Cosmo Pyke and also Japanese Breakfast in general, out of me head by steve lacy, PROVIDER, and of course blue whale by frank. Pure artistry. Also I have a crush on Steve Lacy.

Alex Walinskas (Deflated Cig)

i've been listening to old M83 which is soft n trippy as fuck and I really like it


By Emily Whitney on Sept. 27, 2017, 4:51 p.m.