Laura - The Statuettes

Queen of Boredness by Kinny
Uno Dos by ¿Téo?, Jaden Smith
Girlfriend by Kitty

The first song has this sexy confidence to it that I love; Uno Dos is badass; Kitty's voice in Girlfriend is warm and smooth like honey.

Will Scerbo - The Clambake

Bicep - Bicep (good tracks: Glue, Kites, Opal)
Emptyset - Borders (good tracks: Descent, Across)
Lil Pump - Lil Pump Tape (good tracks: Smoke My Dope, D Rose, Iced Out)

Lil Pump does his thing. It's dumb shit but it bangs, not really much else to say about it. Was a little hesitant about the features but they're good. Then I found these two UK duos: Emptyset, who do like...rhythmic noise type of stuff? And Bicep, who make dope garage/techno. Emptyset is super intense and gives me horror movie vibes. Bicep is sick party music.

Isaac Bernstein - Rice and Beans

Discovered Lauv. Peep Easy Love which has his crisp vocals backed with laid-back trappy reggae influenced beats.

PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped an album "Seven Days", which has a couple of nice features. I particularly enjoyed Better Man featuring the boss Rick Ross, and Damage featuring light breathy vocal powerhouse Halsey. All songs feature nice relaxing-yet-hard stratospheric production.

Braggin' in Brass is a nice 7 minutes of JLCO's best brass players going HAM over a fast backing. The main melody of the song features the 3 trombone players as they emit phrases that shouldn't be possible on a slide instrument. Worth a listen for sure.

Vinnie Wu - Rice and Beans

My recently played artists: Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis, Cigarettes After Sex. Also, the Baby Driver soundtrack is awesome. Great mix of soul, pop, and hip-hop in the soundtrack. Would recommend. 

Emily Whitney

Moses Sumney's Aromanticism. V soulful and sad. 

Just got around to listening to Kirin J Callinan's Bravado. It's insane, audacious, and a surprisingly great pop album. Kirin is a little problematic, but this album is good.

Been studying a lot to Tim Hecker's Ravedeath, 1972, Dropped Pianos, Virgins, and Love Streams. Also, Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92 and the Richard D. James album, and Gas's Pop and Narkopop.

Jason Boyd - Vanity Lost

A Phoenix and a Fish - Peaking Lights; Never Learn - Brother Ali; Big Bad Soca - Bunji Garlin. 

Brother Ali will be at Ottobar on Wednesday! The other songs are just super fun stuff I've been jamming to this week!

Casey Whitman - MuzikDizcovery

Field Medic, Alex Lahey, Strange Ranger, Wild Ones, Kelela, Alex G's Music Hall of Williamsburg show.

Jason - Local Teen Tries His Best

AJ Tracey - Alakazam (feat. JME & Denzel Curry)
DJ Smokey & DJ Yung Vamp - Therapy
Manga Saint Hilare - Outburst001-004 (feat. Izzie Gibbs, Snowy, Maxsta & J Grrey)

When I saw Alakazam on the tracklist of AJ's latest project I thought I'd hear Denzel Curry go crazy on a grime beat, but I was wrong - hearing AJ, JME, and Denzel go crazy on a cloudy trap beat is totally fine tho
My friend John sent me the DJ Smokey joint and I love it because it hits the two-point DJ Smokey formula so well - it's got both bangin beats and weird but fun vocal drops, which I can't do justice in text form so please check it out thanks
The video for the Manga track just dropped - it's a combination of the four interludes from his recent album and it had me playing the album on repeat today - both the track and the album are deeply personal & emotional lyrical stories with incredible production from Lewi B (who I'd never heard of before this project)

Freddie McCall - Double Dream Hands

~Down Under the Hyperion Bridge - Andrew Bird
~Glowing Brightly - Florist
~My Death - Y La Bamba
~Integrity - Kamasi Washington
~Artificial Life - Wolf Parade
~I Wanna Be a Dawg - Dawg Yawp
~Shammy's - Freestyle Fellowship
~You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight - The J.B.'s

~Andrew Bird's latest album, Echolocations: is all watery-stringy-plucky instrumentals (the second of an intended five-part series) and is probably akin to music that whales listen to when they chill on the ocean floor. Bird recorded the album under a bridge in the LA River, which means he risked trench foot to make art -- so listen.
~In their second album, If Blue Could Be Happiness, Florist simply and beautifully reminisce on love and death and other things that make youth anxious. The words are blunt but the songs are fragile and you won't even notice nothing rhymes.
~Y La Bamba recently had a KEXP session and performed four unrecorded songs spurred into existence by the world getting scarier and Trump getting Trumpier, and they're all absolute fire.
~Kamasi Washington's second album, Harmony of Difference, pulls you down a rabbit hole and sends you on a journey and when it's over you come out of a wardrobe with your three English siblings and realize you were only gone for 31 minutes.
~Wolf Parade's first album in 7 years (Cry Cry Cry) is a bangerfest. I've only listened to it once but I'm gonna dive back after sending in my song list because I feel like pumping my fists a lot.
~Dawg Yawp had a Tiny Desk recently and it was a lot of fun. Makes me wish I could pluck and sing and grow a beard.
~Freestyle Fellowship are weird and fun and sometimes remind me of The Pharcyde. Also check out "Hot Potato" if you want a good jig because that song is jiggy turned to 11.
~FRED IS DEAD (NO HE AIN'T) you can just grunt to this song and strut and pop your body and you'll get looks but you won't care.

Adina Jahan

kelela, charlotte dos santos, kali uchis on shuffle, deathless - ibeyi, honey - kehlani, go to hell - empress of, anthem - swet shop boys, truth hurts - lizzo, drink im sippin on - yaeji, mirage toro y moi, dont think all of these r new but they r new 4 me!

By Emily Whitney on Oct. 11, 2017, 12:20 p.m.

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