Molly Radwell 

Top music discovered this week was album Acabou Chorare by Novos Baianos, and songs Cascade Waltz by CAN, and Hymn to Freedom by the Oscar Peterson Trio. I had only heard one song from the album by Novos Baianos before and really enjoyed it so was hype to discover that the entire album is a jam!! Generally feel-good music and definitely expanded my definition of rock (same with CAN, also technically a rock band). Hymn to Freedom has become my late night go to study song since I can't listen to music while studying, and I think it strikes a perfect balance between being beautiful and keeping me focused. It starts slow and then picks up which helps me get into the swing of working well.

Hana Chop (Platonic Love Affair)

Yung Bae (the name gives me the creeps). My friend Sue told me to listen to Yung Bae's Skyscraper Anonymous whilst shopping online for new boots. His album were sonically perfect for the odyssey that is finding hot pink sparkly boots with free shipping and returns. Very jazzy, very funky, very spacey.

Ben Costello (ShostaBrovich)

Rachmaninoff's unfinished youth symphony. This short piece is really cool. Yeah, the young Rachmaninoff is totally trying to imitate Tchaikovsky's 4th symphony, sometimes a little too closely, but it's so Russian, so romantic, and so very much the style that Rachmaninoff would continue composing in the rest of his life.

Jonathan Silveira (slumpday)

Look, Bell Witch came out with an album called Mirror Reaper. Its one 83 minute long song. It is divided into two sections "as above" / "so bellow" and is a slow burner but does it burn brightly. It is heavy, oppressive and sprawling. Two dudes and some lyrics made by their former drummer (who died rip) and a friend. If you're going to listen to One thing that can be considered "doom metal" make Mirror Reaper it. 

Emily Whitney

Babies by Pulp and Lemon by N.E.R.D have been stuck in my head all week. Babies is the best Pulp song no contest and Lemon is a certified banger. I also listened to Xiu Xiu's A Promise, which is wild, kind of hard to get through, but really good if you're feeling emotional and want to listen to something scream-y and shameless. Also was rly into the new GFOTY (PC Music) music videos for Tongue/Poison. 

Isaac Bernstein (Rice and Beans)

Discovered Zitakula, a high-energy multi-componential band with an innate diverse sound that draws together funk, afrobeat, and South American sounds with a powerful vocal lead backed with equally robust rhythm and backups. Check out "Why so Mad".

Discovered yaeji a couple of weeks ago. She's a Korean-american electronic artist, known to sing over her atmospheric and entrancing beats in English and Korean. No, she doesn't expect you to know what she's saying, she just wants you enjoy the sounds of the language. Peep "after that" for a deep, dark, and sexy pulsating feel. Keep it up yaeji!

Rohey is a Norwegian quartet that really brings in the groove. Songs sound somewhere between a soul/funk/jazz vibe with a "retrofuturistic hyper-urban tone" brought upon seamlessly by the fingertips of the keyboardist. The lead singer Rohey Taalah comes in with a dynamic and strong voice to match the other three giants of the group. Try "I found me" to catch a good idea of these adjectives.

Finally, I found Ravyn Lenae on the internet. Speaking of the internet, If you like The Internet (band) as much as I do, you should definitely peep her "Moon Shoes EP". Her sweet and smooth vocals really match up to the organic and mosaic-like production style, which surprisingly still has enough bass to create substantial structure and head bumping.


Freddie McCall (Double Dream Hands)

The Ooz - King Krule
Change - Elkin Robinson
worldstar money (interlude) - Joji
Role - Sonnymoon
Soledad y el Mar - Natalia Lafourcade & Los Macorinos

~Not 2017~
Push Th' Little Daisies - Ween
Bwana Ni Nani - Muugano National Choir

-"The Ooz" is my favourite album of the year so far. King Krule's a genius and I'm a total fanboy, give it three listens if you haven't already.
-My dad sent me "Change" when I was sad and it works wonders on my mood, thank you Daddy.
-Joji's EP is pretty good, the last song gets me, I think deep down everyone's a sucker for a ukulele.
-Sonnymoon's latest single is chill and hopefully a sign of more chill music to come.
-Lafourcade's rendition of this folk song is like fresh Sunday coffee

-I've been listening to this song more than any others on this week's rotation, so good to sing to.
-Kenyan mass music hit me with them beautiful voices thank youuu


Been listening to Rotisserie by Yung Gravy and Krazy Gloo by La Goony Chonga on repeat. Idk I just connect with Yung Gravy and La Goony Chonga on a spiritual level I guess...

Paul Watson (Power Hour)

Saw the Buena Vista Social Club documentary! The stories behind the musicians in the group are really cool!

By Emily Whitney on Nov. 15, 2017, 5:51 p.m.

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